About Copenhagen

Discover why Copenhagen is one of the most sustainable cities in the world

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About Copenhagen

Gastronomy, design and architecture are keywords in the beautiful Scandinavian capital. Copenhagen is a veritable shopping mecca, offering the very best of traditional Scandinavian design and fashion. 

The residents of Copenhagen actively use their city, particularly during the summer months as public areas, parks and squares become venues for concerts, pop-up restaurants, festivals and cultural experiences. The Danes have been named the world’s happiest people and certainly have a high standard of living – but they were also named one of the world’s most productive workforces by the UN and share a common identity as a knowledge society. 
Source: http://www.bellacentercopenhagen.dk

Did you know...

Each of Copenhagen’s many boroughs features its own distinctive character. Nørrebro and Vesterbro are the city’s trendiest areas, with a wide array of modern designer shops, excellent restaurants, trendy cafes and bars. Østerbro and Frederiksberg are more stylish and dotted with parks and gardens. Christianshavn is romantic, with its historic half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and canals running through the city, while the city centre is the original heart of Copenhagen, where you will also find the most famous attractions. Copenhagen is currently expanding with new urban districts – Nordhavn and Ørestad – where you will discover a different type of urban, contemporary and distinctive architecture. Best of all, everything is within walking distance and easily accessible.