Adil Khawaja

Board Director, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Kenya


Mr. Adil Arshed Khawaja has served as Non-Executive Director of The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited since December 19, 2014. He is a specialist in commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, energy, oil and gas, commercial litigation and arbitration. He has over 20 years of litigation and dispute resolution experience and vast experience in land and planning law. He has dealt with complex and control issues in Kenya and undertaken corporate restructuring; mergers and acquisitions; schemes of arrangement for banks and other companies; bank securities work and regulatory work. Mr. Khawaja holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from University of Sheffield and is an advocate of high court of Kenya. He holds a degree in Law from Kenya School of Law. He is also a director of Kenya Commercial Bank Limited and several other private companies. He has been Chairman of the Strategy and Customer Service Committee and Member of the ICT and Power Purchase Agreement Committee of the Company since January 2015.
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