Foibe Namene

Chief Executive Officer Electricity Control Board, Namibia


Foibe Louise Namene is a trained lawyer and currently a PhD candidate with the University of Namibia. She served the Namibian electricity utility company, NamPower, in various senior management positions since 1996 until her deployment as Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity Control Board (ECB) in June 2014. Namene is an Admitted Attorney with the Namibian High Court and served in the Ministry of Justice before joining NamPower. Amongst her responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of the ECB is to regulate the supply of safe, reliable and affordable electricity to small and large Namibian consumers. The ECB is also responsible for creating an enabling investment environment in the Namibian electricity supply industry. Its scope of responsibilities is set to change with the addition of oil and gas, should the Namibian Parliament approve the Energy Regulatory Authority Bill.
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