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AEF 2024

aef 2024 Barcelona


Solution Provider Insights

27 Jun 2024
Boardroom 3
Stream 4

Regional Grids: Addressing the Challenges & Creating Opportunities for Better Energy Access in Africa

Collaborative boardroom style discussions where all participants are invited to get involved

Hosted by:

Axian Energy

  • Developing an innovative PPP model for interconnecting multi-country energy networks that strengthen power grids through renewable energies
  • Trading: cross-border capacity, day-ahead, longer contract & volume trading. Current and future status
  • How can interconnecting multi-country energy networks contribute to improved transport infrastructure & enhance regional connectivity
  • Funding the future: What financing works for interconnected African grids?
Benjamin Memmi, CEO - Axian Energy Cluster
Papa Mademba Biteye, President - ASEA, Senegal
Jean Madzongwe, Programmes Manager - Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP)
Loïc Ehua, Associate Director - Gridworks
Mercy Wairua, Senior Legal Counsel - GuarantCo
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