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AEF 2024

aef 2024 Barcelona


Tech Innovation Theatre

26 Jun 2024
Boardroom 4
Stream 5

Leveraging New Technologies to Lower Emissions and Promote Balance Across Energy Resources

  • What innovation in the mining and gas space are helping fossil fuels lower their emissions?
  • How can scenario modelling play in the design of long-term pathways for the energy transition and lowering carbon emissions?
  • Harnessing new and innovative tech-enabled models for human capital that make the future of work a reality and accelerate a sustainable energy landscape
Neema Balolebwami Nelly, CEO & Founder - EMEA Venture Builder
Otmane Benamar, Cheif Technology Officerm EMEA, Gas Power - GE Vernova
Roban van Herk, Medior Consultant, Energy Transition & Materials Transition - TNO
Sarah McNeilly, Senior Advisor - Three Cairns Group
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