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26 Jun 2024
Boardroom 3
Stream 4

Watt's Up Africa: Electrifying the Continent - Hosted by: 

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Collaborative boardroom style discussions where all participants are invited to get involved.

A dynamic panel session that explores the vibrant landscape of Africa’s energy sector. As the world is looking at the continent’s natural resources as a pillar of the energy revolution.

  • Exploration of Africa’s Energy Landscape: how Africa’s natural resources are becoming central to the global energy revolution
  • Examining the cutting-edge strategies and technological advancements that are enabling Africa to capitalize on its energy resources effectively
  • Analyzing the potential hurdles and prospects within Africa's energy sector, including infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, and market dynamics
  • The critical roles of investment and policymaking in shaping the socio-economic impacts of an electrified Africa
Ipeleng Selele, Group CEO - RRS Trade & Investments
Dietmar Siersdorfer, Managing Director - Siemens Energy Middle East & Africa
Thabo Molekoa, Chairman & Managing Director - Siemens Energy Southern Africa
Erica Ehst, Acting Vice President for the Office of Energy - DFC
Amol Pinge, Director - Gridworks
Hussein Matar, Senior Director, Business Development - AMEA Power
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