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AEF 2024

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Striking a Balance for Africa’s Gas Projects – Chatham House Rule

26 Jun 2024
Boardroom 2
Stream 3

Boardroom style discussions where all participants are invited to get involved

  • How do you ensure the bankability of gas projects as the global North pushes for limitations on fossil fuels?
  • What local sources of financing exist to take advantage of?
  • What do projects need to include to be considered energy transition projects?
  • How has the European CBAM affected bankability?
Farid Mohamed, Director - Pipal
Thabo Kekana, Deputy Director General - Department of Mineral Resources & Energy (DMRE), South Africa
Jean-Baptiste Havugimana, Director Productive Sectors - East African Community (EAC)
Vita Mateso, Head of Energy Integration & Biofuels - Integration & Biofuels, Agencia Nacional de Petróleo Gás e Biocombustiveis (ANPG), Angola
Ainojie Alex Irune, President & CEO - Oando Clean Energy
Keith Webb, Infrastructure Sector Solutions, Executive Committee Member - RMB
Dele Kuti, Global Head of Energy & Infrastructure - Standard Bank
Nantenaina Rasolonirina, General Manager - OMNIS (Office des Mines Nationales et des Industries Stratégiques), Madagascar
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