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aef 2024 Barcelona


Knowledge Sharing from Africa’s Leading Solution Providers - Hosted by:  Power Africa

21 Jun 2023
Boardroom 4
Stream 5

Interactive Hosted Boardroom 

Powering Potential: How will the Public and Private Sectors Together Chart a Course Toward Universal Energy Access?

  • What will accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy future?
  • What is the role of new and emerging cleantech?
  • Is the future of energy decentralized or centralized?
James Mnyupe, Economic Advisor & Green Hydrogen Commissioner - Presidency, Republic of Namibia
Idesbald Chinamula, Director General - ANSER (Agence Nationale de l’Électrification etdes Services Énergétiques en milieux Rural et périurbain), Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lyndsay Holley, Handler, Co-Founder & Managing Partner - Delta40 Studio