AEF sessions

aef 2023 Kenya - zebrAS in national park with wind turbines


Hosted by: Neo Themis Hydropower- The Forgotten Renewable Energy Source

22 Jun 2022
Boardroom 3
Stream 4

•  Hydro: the African response to global warming and energy crisis challenges, - but facing biodiversity and social.

•  A solution that takes too long? Study and construction timelines

•  Refurbishing and extension as a quick alternative?  Easy technically, but private sector contracting not eas

Tas Anvaripour, CEO - Neo Themis
Marc Mandaba, Chief Investment Officer - Neo Themis
Alex Campbell, Head of Policy and Research - International Hydropower Association
Alexandre Portugal, Board Director - Cobagroup
Joao Cunha, Head of Division, Renewable Energy & SEFA Coordinator - AfDB