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aef 2023 Kenya - zebrAS in national park with wind turbines


The Offshore Just Energy Transition: The Journey from Offshore Gas to Clean Offshore Energy Sources

22 Jun 2022
Stream 5
  • Can developing Offshore Gas reserves contribute to a transition to cleaner offshore technologies?
  • How will technologies such floating wind, floating solar, tidal energies, power-to-X develop in the next 5 years?
  • Should financing new technologies be a priority right now and what might the future of offshore gas financing look like?
Iain Elder, Partner - DLA Piper
Shane Marcelo Prins, Manager - Generation Development & Municipal Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Energy Markets, Energy Directorate, City of Cape Town, South Africa
Patrick Bydume, Director - BlackRock
William Madara, Program Management Specialist, Energy - USAID
Ben Oudman, Senior Director and Regional Manager - DNV
Wangari Muchiri, Director: Africa Wind Power - Global Wind Energy Council
Daniel Marshall, MD, Paris - Green Giraffe