AFSIA Solar Awards

aef 2023 Kenya - zebrAS in national park with wind turbines

The AFSIA Solar Awards

in collaboration with aef


The AFSIA Solar Awards is the industry’s premier awards ceremony. This annual event, now on its 3rd edition, is the platform to recognize and celebrate exceptional talent and achievements in the African solar market. The application process is open to everyone, and applicants can choose among 13 award categories.

Focusing on all segments of the solar industry, the purpose of the awards is to recognize and celebrate good practice, professionalism, quality, safety and innovation, with the aim of being a marker of the brightest and best that the African solar industry has to offer.

Find out more, read the press release.

Awards categories:

  • Utility scale solar project of the year      
  • C&I solar project of the year      
  • Mini-grid project of the year      
  • SHS company of the year            
  • Productive use application of the year - NEW
  • African solar company of the year          
  • Solar entrepreneur/SME of the year
  • Advisor/consultant of the year (financial/legal/technical)
  • Deal/financing program of the year        
  • Solar innovation of the year       
  • Solar picture of the year             
  • Solar video of the year  
  • Lifetime achievement award

AFSIA Sola Awards

AFSIA SOLAR AWARDS WINNERS 2022 - In collaboration with the Africa Energy Forum


Utility Scale Project of the year - InfraCo Africa & JCM Power       
The Golomoti 20MWac PV project by InfraCo Africa & JCM Power


Commercial & Industrial Solar Project of the year - W. Giertsen Energy Solutions    
The 1.7 MWp Solar Grid Tie system solution for the Tea and Flower Industry by W. Giertsen Energy Solutions


Mini Grid Project of the year - Nuru    
The 2 solar-hybrid mini-grids of 338 kWp in Tadu and Faradje


Solar Home System Company of the year - ENGIE Energy Access     
For its SHS business integration and MySol rebranding of 9 markets in Sub-Saharan Africa impacting more than 7M people in less than 2 years


Productive Use Application of the year - Solektra Rwanda            
The SunMoksha’s IoT and cloud based Smart AQUAnet’s system is designed to help small and marginal farmers operate a shared irrigation system/resource


Solar innovation of the year - GreenBox          
The 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms reducing food waste by 80%


Video of the year - CrossBoundary Energy  

Deal/Financing program of the year - SunFunder        
The new $500M Gigaton Empowerment Fund


Solar entrepreneur/SME of the year - USAFI GREEN ENERGY   
Its partnership with Allsolla to provide solar-powered computers that comes with 4 extra bulb and free network for the kakuma refugees camp


African solar company of the year - CrossBoundary Energy  
Currently operating the largest portfolio of RE PPAs in Africa at ~120 MWp of solar generational capacity, ~40 MWh of storage capacity


Advisor / Consultant of the year (Financial/Legal/Technical) - Harmattan Renewables
The Oya project, the biggest hybrid project (Solar and wind with battery) in Africa.


Picture of the year - Distributed Power Africa            


Life-time achievement award - Manoj Sinha     
CEO of Husk Power

Winners from 2022 - Picture Gallery

Winners from 2021


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