Agenda at a glance

The 5th Industrial Revolution

The impact of Covid-19 has magnified the need to be able to deliver energy in times of crises. Under the theme ‘The 5th Industrial Revolution,’ the 2020 Forum will look ahead to the digitisation of the energy sector and how to harness technology so humanity can recover better.

This theme will explore the relationship between energy, technology, purpose and inclusivity, seeking to understand how technological innovation can work hand in hand with humans to enhance energy security, sustainability and energy access in a post-covid future.

With a vast wave of investment set to sweep Africa for energy, infrastructure and digitalisation, the Africa Energy Forum will help you harness this potential so the continent doesn’t just recover - it recovers better.

The agenda at a glance

The month-long event will cover all our traditional project-focused content including; country spotlights, topical broadcasts, masterclasses, public sector interviews and investment & impact working groups.

Attend masterclasses in digital innovation, limited number roundtables, technology demos, an industry quiz and fireside chats with experts from across the continent. Hear how your colleagues and competitors are building more resilient businesses in response to COVID, and gain an insight into the latest technologies being deployed by in line with the 5th industrial revolution.

2020 agenda highlights

Limited number roundtables focused on a specific topic or challenge. A highly interactive environment gives attendees the chance to both ask & answer live questions - everyone's a panellist here so come prepared for a debate!

A deep dive into a country’s energy landscape, key challenges and major investment opportunities, featuring a panel of seasoned market players from all corners of the value chain. Get the detailed information you require before making those important investment decisions

The African energy community at your fingertips: enjoy four weeks of 1-2-1 video networking with a community of thousands of energy investors, project developers, consultants and technology providers. View the attendee list, make a connection and schedule a meeting - it's as easy as that

Closed door, invitation-only meetings allowing energy ministers and other public sector officials to debate the critical issues facing Africa’s energy sector in 2020/21. The outcomes of these meetings will be discussed at the Africa Energy Forum in 2021

Content-focused discussions featuring a panel of distinguished speakers from both public and private sector. Speakers will debate topical issues and present their unique perspectives in true aef style

A targeted session on an industry topic or theme run by an expert in their field. Walk away with practical tools to guide your business to success and get the edge over your competitors

An in-depth interview with a public sector representative from a specific country. We’ll be discussing perspectives on the impact of Covid-19, sustainability goals, project progress and investment opportunities

Sponsors can showcase an innovative new product or service in a concise 20-minute presentation format. Get the headlines on some of the most exciting innovations in Africa’s energy sector at the click of a button

Browse an online marketplace of hundreds of energy products and services from credible companies in the sector. Watch video clips, access presentation materials and find the relevant contacts all in one place

Tune into an informal chat over coffee with a VIP from Africa’s energy sector and get to know the individual behind the company in this intimate dialogue

A 5-minute industry-led conversation with a CEO or senior representative about the challenges they’re facing, new projects and initiatives in the pipeline, where they see the greatest opportunities and what they’ve learnt during their time working on the continent

Join EnergyNet and the Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) as they host the annual solar awards during the Africa Energy Forum for the very first time

Join a quiz tournament with a difference as we team up different groups of attendees to compete head to head online. The winning team will all win a free ticket to the Africa Energy Forum 2021, so get swotting!

We remain committed to the EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI) and will be hosting selected training sessions and workshops for African students in lieu of being able to bring them to the live event