AfDB Hosted Boardroom: Utility of the Future

AfDB Hosted Boardroom: Utility of the Future image
Utilities provide the service of energy, but as that sector evolves in line with digital trends and consumer expectation there is no guarantee of who will be providing that service in the future.
The onus is now on those utilities companies to evolve with, and to embrace, technologies and evolutions that will shape the continent’s power infrastructure.

They could do worse than to focus on development across five critical factors: decentralisation, digitisation, decarbonisation, electrification of the economy, and innovative business models. The reason why is quite simple – it’s what their customers will be focusing on.

Customers in the shape of business and industry have their own missions and expectations to become more efficient, green, cost-effective, innovative, data-driven and in control of their environments. Most importantly, they want these boxes ticked quickly.

Their consciousness around everything from carbon neutrality and energy storage to smart meters and mini grids can’t be ignored. As a service provider, the ‘future utility’ will be determined by those who require that service.

Anujesh Dwivedi, Partner, Deloitte India confirmed: “Utilities need to work closely with the consumer, especially during transitions. At the moment, when consumers apply for solar they’re treated differently to when they apply for a traditional connection. They don’t know how to do analysis, process the application, how to bill accordingly, how to meter and monitor.”

Consumer demand is evolving and utilities need to understand that technology is both the driver and the solution of this demand.