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EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative

As Africa plays a stronger role in the global economy, EnergyNet remains committed to driving investment and promoting human capital development and job creation across Africa’s power and energy sectors.  It is on this premise that the EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI) was established.

ESEI at this year’s Africa Energy Forum

Once again, selected students from across the African continent will be sponsored to attend this year’s Africa Energy Forum, which takes place from 7-9 June 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Forum enables these future leaders to witness the wider impact of the power sector on global economies and industries, understand the impact of electricity and access to energy on industrial development and job creation in Africa.  

Students will have the opportunity to meet first hand with African Ministers of Energy, government officials and private sector leaders from the energy industry, opening the door to new business relationships, internships and work placements.

The Africa Energy Forum (AEF) is the global investment meeting for Africa's power, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Nineteen years in the running, AEF brings together senior-level representatives to form partnerships, identify opportunities and collectively move the industry forward. AEF has a loyal following of credible players working in the power space, and a track record of delivering a valuable networking experience.

The Forum in Copenhagen will serve as a platform for Nordic countries to showcase their expertise regarding projects, technology and regional partnerships, allowing new partnerships and business ventures to flourish.