Reunited. In one place.

Africa Energy Forum. We're reuniting in one place. London 15-17 November 2021.
Networking in Lisbon 2019
The Africa Energy Forum (aef) is returning live and face-to-face in London from 15th to the 17th November 2021. Registration is open.
Having last held aef in person in June 2019 in Lisbon, the announcement has received an overwhelming positive response from the aef community who are ready to reunite and put the momentum back in to partnerships and project development on the continent.
The Africa Energy Forum (aef), now in its 23rd year, is well known for bringing together Ministers of Energy, Heads of Utilities, and Heads of Regulatory authorities from across Africa in productive discussions with DFIs, project developers, financial investors and solutions providers to accelerate energy development on the continent.

In 2019 over 35 countries were represented at Ministerial and Head of Utility level from across Africa.



What's different in 2021?

By hosting aef 2021 in November in London we will align with COP26 being held in the UK.  A number of our stakeholders will be attending COP26 and this will make it easier for our stakeholders to travel to one country for both events.
We are delighted to welcome Dr Kevin Kariuki, Vice President for Power, Energy, Climate & Green Growth at the African Development Bank Group as the Chairperson of aef 2021. Dr. Kariuki will be leading the opening session on 15th November with his delegation, sharing the current African vision and setting the scene for the forum.


The agenda will run under the theme 'Reunited. in One Place'. Instead of the usual panel sessions, this year the agenda streams will focus on interactive boardrooms where stakeholders can come together in a collaborative environment and leave with productive outcomes through enhanced networking.

Around 1,000 attendees will join us at the London Marriott in Grosvenor Square London. We will have a number of private meeting rooms available to sponsors, and exclusive access to two on-site Gordon Ramsay restaurants.

Some of the crucial topics to be covered will include; 
  • What does Africa want and need when it comes to energy transition?
  • What are the politics of not financing gas - does it even make sense?
  • Is the current IPP model sustainable?
  • Partnerships to help utilities become more efficient
  • Building capacity building on the grid for new projects
  • Developing battery storage technologies on the continent
  • Connecting on-grid, off-grid and mini grid solutions for a coherent energy strategy.
  • Building the business framework to produce hydrogen at scale
The agenda will also host a stream for project presentations, under the theme 'From announcement to implementation'. Here, Ministers of Energy and Heads of Utilities will share insights in to plans to implement projects which have been announced and partnerships they are seeking.

Friends, it has been too long since we last met, we very much look forward to seeing you in person in November to be reunited in one place and to put the momentum back in to energy development on the continent.

Best regards
The EnergyNet team

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A panel discussion from aef in Lisbon 2019