South Africa reinvigorates its IPP programme

South Africa reinvigorates its IPP programme image

The recent signing of 27 renewable energy agreements reconfirms South Africa’s commitment to renewable energy and working with the private sector. Karen Breytenbach talked to us before the Africa Energy Forum 2018 in Mauritius about the future of the country’s power sector.

What does the signing of the 27 renewable energy agreements in April mean for the power sector?

"With the signing of the agreements we are not only reconfirming the government’s commitment to renewable energy, but also to a solid partnership with the private sector in the generation of electricity, which includes among others coal and gas, while pursuing our energy transition objectives for the future.

The 27 projects will build on the remarkable achievement of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). Through it we have proved that we can provide sustainable clean electricity at an affordable price to our communities and the people living around these projects, ensuring their health and wellbeing as one of our highest priorities. While the main objective is buying electricity, we are also contributing to the transformation agenda of the country."

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