Game-changing technologies for Africa’s energy sector

Game-changing technologies for Africa’s energy sector image

As technology shows no signs of slowing down, Africa’s energy space has much to gain- but where are the big wins? We asked our sponsors which technologies they expect will have the biggest impact on Africa’s energy sector in 2019 and beyond. 

"Renewables and energy storage technologies will reduce the reliance on thermal power over time. It will also enable the distribution of generation closer to where the need is providing positive benefits from both cost savings and the environment. We see decentralisation and decarbonisation as the two significant market drivers across Africa, enabling more rapid electrification to remote communities.

However, there are still places in Africa which don’t have the luxury of this choice and still need to rely on thermal solutions. We continue to innovate on this front too, ensuring different types of thermal generators are available depending on the fuel options available in a country."

John Lewis, Managing Director, Africa, Aggreko

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