Can I travel?

Can I travel to London for the Africa Energy Forum?

We have lots of people travelling to meet in-person in London for the much-anticipated Africa Energy Forum 15-17 November 2021, including confirmed speakers, sponsors and delegates from Africa, Europe and North America.

Travel requires planning these days, so we've carefully curated some guidance and resources to help you.

Use a planner
First and foremost, we recommend planning your trip via either Skyscanner or Sherpa. These tools provide guidance based on the latest rules regarding vaccinations, testing, and quarantine between countries. 

Red, Amber and Green
England has assigned Red, Amber and Green list statuses to countries. Broadly speaking, all travellers must provide negative Covid tests on arrival. UK residents who have spent time in a Red list country in the last 10 days must quarantine for 10 days. If you are not a UK resident and are travelling from a Red list country you may not enter the UK (unless you have an exemption; more on that below).

If you've travelled from an Amber list country, however, you are exempt from quarantine if you can prove you are fully vaccinated (eg in UK, EU or USA). Otherwise, Amber list travellers should quarantine for 10 days, but may use the Test to Release scheme to reduce quarantine to just five days.

You may find that you can arrange your business travel to England via a country on the Amber or Green lists which does not require quarantine. This would require spending 10 days in the Amber or Green list country before your onward journey to England. While this would not speed your access to London, it could allow you to stay safe and productive en route and reduce restrictions on arrival in England.

Certain travellers may request exemptions from UK Government. For example, many attendees to COP26 in Scotland have been afforded exemptions to travel. Exemptions can be provided for high-value business travellers, those representing governments including diplomats and other envoys, and protected jobs. This page explains which jobs are eligible to apply for exemptions. Unfortunately, EnergyNet can't support your request for an exemption (though we will support valid visa applications as normal).

Ultimately, your circumstances will be particular to you, so you will need to consider:
  • your own personal situation,
  • your corporate policy,
  • the policy of any countries you are travelling to, from or through, and
  • the policy of the United Kingdom/England
It's vital to stay safe and help support national and international public health programmes. For the great majority of aef's traditional attendees, it is possible to travel safely and within the rules, however it does take preparation and planning. We look forward to seeing as many familiar faces as possible in November.

Find out what we're doing at aef to keep everyone safe.