We were born in Africa, and we are committed to contribute to the development of this continent and to the well-being of its people, with African solutions for Africa.
Aenergy is determined to invest in two strategic sectors for any country to grow competitively  – Energy and Transportation - because we believe it contributes to support industrialization, to deliver long term an qualified employement and to promote the movement of goods and people, the basis for developing an strengthening any economy.
Our areas of action are integrated across the scope of management and implementation for each project, from its conceptualization and financial structuring to its execution and progress.
• Development an execution;
• Coordination and implementation of EPC projects;
• Operations and commercialization/IPP´s;
• Performance based technical assistance and maintenance;
• Consulting and Training focused on sustainable solutions for localization;
• Financial Solutions structuring, implementation and management.
We are proud to be the first African company to have obtained, the ISO 37001 certification for our anti-corruption management system.