Altaaqa Global


Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of the Zahid Group, a Saudi conglomerate, has been selected by Caterpillar Inc. to deliver multi-megawatt turnkey power solutions worldwide. We provide reliable and cost-effective electricity generation capacity to countries, utilities and industries. We design, install, operate and maintain multi-megawatt power plants, on short-, medium- and long-term contracts, deploying technologies that include high- and medium-speed engines and turbines. Our power plants cater to a wide array of applications and are flexible to respond to clients’ specific requirements.

We have offices and operations in key regions around the world, including the Middle East and North Africa (Dubai), East Africa (Nairobi), West and Central Africa (Abidjan), Southern Africa (Johannesburg) and Asia & the Pacific (Bangalore). For more information, call us at +971 4 880 8006 or e-mail us at Please visit our website at and follow us on social media.