AMEA Power


AMEA Power develops, owns, and operates thermal and renewable power projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, the company offers a wide range of power solutions for emerging markets, including conventional (Gas, Coal and Oil) and Renewable (Solar PV and CSP, Wind, Hydro and Hybrid) power plants.  AMEA Power is led by a world-class management team of professionals with extensive and diversified experience in project development, finance and operations, and a successful track record in project execution.

The accelerating demand for reliable and sustainable power in Africa, the Middle East and Asia present a sound investment opportunity in power generation.  AMEA Power is creating innovative and tailored solutions aimed at meeting these growing regional needs, while contributing to the regions’ economic development. The AMEA Power team has also developed a deep understanding of the political and regulatory frameworks of target markets along with a capability to structure projects efficiently in order to mitigate emerging market risks. Consequently, the AMEA Power team is uniquely positioned to deploy its resources, expertise and capital in a fast, efficient and responsible manner.

AMEA Power benefits from broad regional access and a strong business network of leading industry partners.  Furthermore, the company enjoys privileged access to capital having developed long-term stable relationships with investors and financial institutions, enabling it to promptly mobilize financing when needed.