Bolloré Transport & Logistics


Bolloré Transport & Logistics is one of the world's leading transportation groups with 36,000 employees spread among 105 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa where it carries out its business activities in ports, freight forwarding and railways, energy.
It is also a major player in oil logistics in France and Europe through Bolloré Energy. In Africa, Bollore logistics business includes freight forwarding activity in the 46 countries with strong experience on power project logistic solutions and cargo management (wind farm, thermal plants, HPP, geothermal…)

With its subsidiary Blue-Solutions, Bolloré has made Energy Storage a major development area. From its position of world leader in thin films for capacitors, it has developed a unique technology with lithium metal polymer (LMP) batteries especially adapted for high temperature environment.  Today Blue-Solutions develops, produces and sells energy storage solutions and operates in mobile applications (electric buses, car-sharing) and stationary Storage applications to smooth renewable energy integrations and provide competitive and carbon free energy access.