Canadian Solar


The future of energy is digital and we can be quite sure that energy is the next sector where digital disruption will hit. Digital energy is the enabling factor in the ecosystem of smart products and services that define networks, energy and production systems. Furthermore, Digital Energy concerns advanced technologies for the control of energy consumption in all phases of the supply chain: from production to the sale of energy. Digitization in this energy field is undeniably a smart factor in its development and growth.  Canadian Solar Digital Energy is committed to bringing electricity services to dissatisfied on-grid customers as well as off-grid communities in need of energy. 

Our planet currently faces important and demanding challenges. Population growth and climate change brought greater challenges to the world, therefore efficiency in energy production and consumption is an urgent need. Consequently, we are investing massively in the development of the technology to improve energy services and networks globally. Application of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things and the Artificial Intelligence, facilitates the transition to green economy in solar market.