CPPE is an international plant builder and supplier of proprietary equipment & processes for removal (abatement) of Sulphur Oxides, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Dioxide as well as heavy metals and sub-micron particulates PM and  production of acids and fertilizers.
CPPE’s portfolio, contains among others KOMBISORBON®, SULFACID®, SULFOSORBON® and catalytic CO2 / NOx processes, which can be perfectly tailored to your needs. CPPE air pollution control processes are already in use at major companies across the globe with more than 3.500 referenced applications.

In 2017, CPPE partnered with EPCM global to bring these technologies to the African continent. EPCM Global is a management consulting services firm for public and private sector clients. EPCM provides specialist solutions, competitive insights and innovation enablement within the fields of project and engineering management; project delivery and project staffing. With a proven track record, and a level 2 BEE contributor in South Africa, we are determined to efficiently implement technologies for the advancement of industry in Africa.