Efacec is a Portuguese company with a strong exporter profile and an international presence in over 65 countries that envisions solutions for a sustainable world in the new energy Era. We are a brand with 70 years made by great people. We have a unique portfolio only comparable to the big global players: we create value within energy, environment, industry and mobility sectors by improving everyone’s daily life through the integration of different competencies and innovative technologies in our continuously dynamic portfolio. The diversity of our portfolio includes brands from Porsche to Algiers Metro or Macau’s Electricity Company.

Our solutions include:
▪ Energy: we design, develop and manufacture products including hybrid solar power plants, power transformers, switchgears, automation solutions alongside with maintenance, refurbishment, and revamping of our own and third-party equipment.
▪ Environment & Industry: we offer integrated solutions from design and planning to implementation, service and operation of systems for water and wastewater treatment, water supply, irrigation and solid waste treatment.
▪ Transportation: we are an EPC turnkey provider for railway, providing energy, signaling, fleet management, passengers information, cross-level, tunnel, and central management solutions.
▪ Mobility: Efacec is a very relevant player in the electric mobility market, where it positions itself as one of the world leaders in rapid and ultra-rapid segment for charging stations for electric vehicles.