Founded in 1990, Fieldstone has established itself as a leading independent investment bank in the energy and infrastructure sector. As an independent entity, Fieldstone offers service and advice to all its clients that is not shaped by balance sheet conflicts. Reputation is our greatest asset.

From its initial base of project finance advisory, Fieldstone expanded rapidly to broaden its service offering and pursued a global service offering footprint as listed below. The scope of its work is reflected in its record of over US$ 50 Billion in transactions concluded for its clients, including US$ 13 Billion in Africa where it is the market leader.

Fieldstone clients range from the largest listed companies to single project developers as well as governments and private and public financial institutions.  All clients benefit from Fieldstone’s reach, from the markets where projects occur to the worldwide investor base.  Fieldstone has developed specific expertise in each new sector entered and prides itself on serving its repeat customers.