Finnfund, the Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd, is a Finnish development financier. Our aim is to foster sustainable development by providing long-term risk capital for private projects in developing countries. Investment criteria include profitability, sustainability and positive development impacts. Clean energy is one of our key sectors.

In addition to long-term investment loans, we make equity investments and can offer our customers subordinated loans or other mezzanine financing.

Since 1980 Finnfund has made nearly 370 investments in almost 70 countries. Currently, Finnfund has approximately 719 million euros invested in or committed to 171 projects in 39 countries.

Why Finnfund?
• We understand your business – proven track record of successful investments in various sectors and technologies
• Competitive pricing
• Appetite for projects of different sizes
• Faster process – less bureaucracy
• Long-term financing
• Additional risk taking capacity
• Political risk mitigation
• Support in developing the business: sustainability, reporting etc.
• Support in mobilizing finance
• Flexible and reliable partner