Green Yellow Indian Ocean


Initially born in France in 2008, Greenyellow has been expanding ever since. We are now a leading energy player, with solid investments capacities and teams & projects on 4 continents. Today, our aim is to develop further our Africa and Indian Ocean Business Units to answer the tremendous potential we believe there is in Africa. If you are willing to make energy savings, predict your energy costs or meet your CSR goals, we will be happy to help you do that.

Greenyellow develops turnkey energy efficiency and solar PV projects for retail stores, logistic warehouses, agro-industries and hotels. Our innovative business model and high capacity of investment enable us to offer three main advantages:

1. Zero investment : we finance your projects solely on shared energy cost savings

2. We guarantee you a minimum revenue

3. We offer you an on-going energy service, with monitoring and reporting

CEB Mauritius (2x15MWp PV PPA signed), Jirama Mdagascar (20MWp PPA signed). Leader of building-integrated PV solutions for public buildings with 120MWp deployed ww. (9kW to 10MW / project). Leading ESCO worldwide with 1000 sites (retail, logistics agro-industry, hotels) and 400GWh saved annually.