Gridworks Development Partners Gridworks has been established by CDC as a dedicated developer and investment platform for electricity network investments in Africa.  We are backed by an initial commitment of more than $300 million from CDC, and the support of the UK Government and its Department for International Development (DfID).
Gridworks’ mandate allows it to invest in utility concessions, public private partnerships, management contracts, rural electrification programmes, isolated grid systems, off-grid to on-grid investments, and utility services companies.
Under investment in transmission and distribution networks in Africa represents a significant bottleneck to the provision of sustainable efficient power on the continent.  Gridworks has been established as an evolution of CDC’s existing work in the transmission and distribution sector and will take over the management of CDC’s current portfolio.  The existence of a dedicated platform for the sector will, over time, accelerate the delivery of affordable, reliable power to the people and businesses who need it.