GuarantCo, is a local currency guarantee fund set up to encourage the use of local currency financing for infrastructure projects, in order to mitigate the currency miss-match risk between local currency revenues and the foreign currency debt obligations that persist in many infrastructure projects, particularly power projects.  For Fragile and Conflict-Affected States, GuarantCo does have the capacity to do Guarantees in USD or Euro. GuarantCo uses risk mitigation instruments to enhance the tenors and capacity available in local currency for both loan and capital market debt issuances by the private, municipal and parastatal infrastructure sectors in lower income countries.  Its ticket sizes are typically between US$5m – US$30m (in local currency equivalent) and the guarantee can extend to 15 years. To date, GuarantCo has provided guarantees for 23 projects, for the equivalent of c. US$290m.