Jua Solar


Jua is committed to bringing electricity services to unhappy on-grid customers as well as off-grid communities.  Jua offers reliable pre-packaged solar hybrid energy solutions: barrels, cabinets and containers for MicroGrid solutions. Moreover, these systems are bankable and built to last, making them easy to finance with your bank. The LCOE price per kWh is always competitive with diesel generators or the cost of the electricity from your grid provider. 

Jua are a true Off-Grid System for Villages, Hotels, Gas Station, Agriculture (large water pumps, etc), Humanitarian & Emergency Aid, Food Storage, Mines, Banks & ATMs, as well as and smart cities devices. 
Our Container and Cabinets are refrigerated. These cooling systems can handle even the world’s hottest temperatures. They are also easy to transport and safe.

The versatility of our energy storage systems allows for a rapid solution to the problem of the lack of electricity from the national network and more careful management of your energy load, needs and consumption. Here we are, ready to tell you all about our our new, cutting-edge solutions for your electricity needs.  Don’t worry, there’s no oil in our barrels!  Stop by Booth 30.