Founded in 1968, MODEC is a General Contractor specializing in engineering, procurement, construction and installation of floating production systems. MODEC also provides operation and maintenance services globally. MODEC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with three main offices located in Houston, Tokyo, and Singapore. MODEC has regional offices in Angola, Australia, Brazil, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, New Zealand, and Vietnam with roughly 3,800 employees with citizenship from more than 25 countries. MODEC has designed and built 46 Floating Production and Storage solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry in the last 30 years.

In 2016 MODEC leveraged its experience in Power Generation, and Water Treatment capabilities and initiated the development of Floating Power and Water Solutions. MODEC currently operates over 1,500 MW of installed Power Generation and treats roughly 330,000 m³ /day of seawater (industrial and potable). The Featured Product is the Floating Storage Regasification Water and Power (FSRWP®) solution which differs from Power Barges and Power Ships with the following features:

  • Cost effective Permanent Solution (25 years)
  • ECA Supported Financing
  • Low Environmental impact
  • Combined-Cycle Gas-Turbine Power Plants (Domestic Gas or LNG)
  • Shorter delivery period; 20 months.
  • Business model is flexible – EPCI, Lease, BOOT, price per kilowatt.
  • Available in multiple pre-designed sizes and configurations