The Power Collective


The Power Collective Inc. (TPC) is a Canadian green technology company manufacturing the patented and award-winning technology RidgeBlade®, an unique micro-generation wind turbine for residential and commercial rooftops offering a simple and effective way for harnessing wind power. Efficient in low to high wind speeds and able to operate bi-directionally in turbulent air environments, the system is safe from over-speeding in storms, is quiet and vibration-free, and lies low along the roof ridge for low visual impact. A wind-solar hybrid system has been designed for use on flat-roofed buildings for an optimal 24-hour a day power generation solution. Both systems can be used in grid-tied, off-grid, and micro-grid configurations.

Together with our community of partners, supporters, and customers, we believe we can address the challenges of climate change by developing practical, environmentally sympathetic, and sustainable energy solutions.