The EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI)

Giving a Platform to the leaders of tomorrow

The best students | The biggest opportunities

Now in its 6th year, the EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative (ESEI) has supported nearly 100 African students to learn from global energy companies and explore employment prospects.

ESEI promotes human capital development and job creation across Africa’s power and energy sectors, providing a platform to recognise exceptional African candidates and entrepreneurs. Selected students from top African universities are sponsored to attend the annual Africa Energy Forum, allowing them to witness first-hand the wider impact of the power sector on global economies and industries. 

The best students | The biggest opportunities

What's New in 2019?

Top class students from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Senegal and South Africa will attend the 21st Africa Energy Forum (aef) in Lisbon. These countries have been chosen for their wealth of resources, expertise and movement in the sector over the last 18 months.  EnergyNet is committed to shining a light on the path to engagement, aspirations and success for Africa’s next generation of energy leaders.

We’ll be hosting our very own ESEI University Challenge! Join us in the Innovation Theatre on the final day of the conference as 5 countries go head to head in a quick-fire quiz.


With thanks to our sponsors

“In Africa, we believe in empowering the youth to be part of exciting changes taking place in the energy market. Supporting ESEI is one way we do this; engineering students from all over the continent get an opportunity to meet the key players in the energy market and get a head start in their careers. 

At Aggreko, we know how daunting things can feel when students are starting their careers – so we pride ourselves on giving direction. Whether starting their first job or enhancing their academic experience, we give hands-on-training with paid internships across a range of roles, including engineering, research, technical support and day-to-day business operations.”

“Africa’s rapid rate of growth is missing a key ingredient for economic growth: investment in human capital. ENGIE Africa has successfully invested in local training and professional development programmes that meet top international standards and partnerships and that support technological and innovative entrepreneurship for the emergence of energy solutions developed in Africa, for Africa. ESEI Workshops are a great way to engage with promising talents across Africa and gives us the opportunity to capture their interest for the energy business, with the possibility of them one day taking leading roles in our organization”

“Throughout many years Fasken has been involved in capacity building initiatives with its African clients and partners through partnerships with reputable organisations on the African continent. The purpose of these capacity building initiatives aims, amongst others, to promote local expertise and ensure sustainability of projects in which Fasken is or has been involved. 

Knowledge sharing with local legal counsel and institutional stakeholders is crucial to the effective and efficient progress and operation of these types of projects in compliance with international standards. Presenting to students attending the Student Engagement Initiative supports the transferring of knowledge and the empowerment of the next-generation workforce of the energy industry.”

How can you get involved?

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Become a 2019 ESEI sponsor and gain exclusive access to a talent pool of some of Africa’s brightest young minds in the engineering, legal and finance spheres. Your branding will appear across EnergyNet’s portfolio of events as an ESEI partner: on the ESEI website, in the official aef programme, on the ESEI student’s jackets and in the dedicated workshops for the students taking place at the Forum.