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aef 2024 Barcelona


The max height of rigged elements is dependent on where you stand is located; please CLICK HERE to view the hall restrictions.  The Maximum weight per point is 150 kg, including the motor. All rigging at the show must be approved by the Organisers, in writing, in advance of the show. If you wish to rig any banners at the show, please contact the Operations Team

All rigging must be undertaken solely by the venue contractor at a cost to the exhibitor. Any rigging will be subject to sufficient time being available. Banners, lighting trusses or any other rigging from the roof will be treated as part of the exhibitors’ design and must be approved along with stand plans.

Banners that are rigged next to adjoining stands must be at least 1m into your stand and be unbranded on the side facing your neighbouring stand.  

If you have any rigging queries, please contact the Fira team on +34 93 233 20 00 or  


Children under 16 are strictly forbidden to be in the halls during the build-up and breakdown. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Neither the Organisers, the venue nor the sponsors accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any properties introduced by the exhibitors and/or their agents/contractors. Exhibitors are especially warned that the exhibits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to whom they belong.

Exhibitors should arrange their own insurance against all risks. The strongest possible precautions against pilferage should be taken at all times.

Please do not fix, screw or drill into the venue’s existing walls or floors. If attaching to the venue columns/walls, please use white-tac only. Charges will apply to any associated damages, as well as paint spillage and failure to remove large items of rubbish.

Shell scheme exhibitors are also reminded that they are responsible for all shell scheme panels, and will be charged for any damages through inappropriate fixings, painted panels etc.


You will see how many exhibitor badges you have included in your package on the Exhibitor Hub; if you require more, please reach out to your Sales Rep


Unfortunately, exhibitors and attendees to major exhibitions and conferences are sometimes targeted by fraudsters to obtain money. We work very closely with the Association of Exhibition Organisers to identify these scams and we always communicate these to our customers. Below are the details of the known scams. Please be aware of these if you are contacted by any other organisation in relation to any of our events.

Often fraudsters will focus on Show Guides and Accommodation - please find more information about these key scams.

Show Guides:

AEF will not be producing a printed Show Guide for this year; instead making use of our app and pocket map.

In recent years, third parties such as Expo Guides, Fairguide, Construct Data Verlag and others have been targeting exhibitors at major exhibitions for paid entries into show guides. These companies are NOT in any way affiliated with AEF and they are NOT working on our behalf.

These companies use a misleading form, often with the show logo, which resembles an organiser’s free catalogue entry form. Exhibitors who sign and return the form for an entry in an online directory are contracted into a three-year, "non-retractable" agreement. Non-payment is then followed by aggressive debt collecting by recovery agents, including threats of legal action.

We strongly advise all exhibitors to be vigilant against organisations such as these. Please be aware and read the small print details before signing any documents. Please contact us if you require any clarification.

If you have been caught out, the current advice from the AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers) is as follows:


2) IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY - do not communicate with them in any way, even if they threaten legal action. Writing letters simply confirms that you exist and are available at the address/email address/number they have for you, and encouraging them to pursue payment

3) Report it to your local trading standards

4) Keep a log of all correspondence and contact from them

Optional: Complain to the receiving bank that their client Expo Guide (or other as applicable) is obtaining money by deception.


Our offcial Accommodation provider is BNetwork, please be diligent if using another accommodation provider. 


Please click here for a copy of the latest technical floorplan; please do take note if you have a Pillar/Column within your stand and refer to the Space Only section for further information. Please contact with any questions.


Attaching your own Graphics to Shell Scheme

If you bring your own graphics to attach to your shell scheme such as posters, graphics, and/or material please ensure you use fixings that will not leave a residue. The shell scheme panels are Velcro/double sided tape accepting and this option will not cause damage. If you need to these will be available to purchase from the service desk onsite.

Please note that nails/screws or drawing pins are not to be used and we ask that exhibitors do not stick anything to the metal work.

Any damage incurred to the panels or metalwork will be charged to each exhibitor directly.

If you are planning on producing full sized graphics to cover the shell walls we advise you contact us directly to determine the shell scheme walling configuration.

Please note – depending upon the size of the adjoining stands, a number of 1/2m walling panels may be used to construct your stand rather than 1m panels.


There is general Wi-Fi access throughout the hall which is sufficient for checking emails etc. but should not be relied upon to show presentations or for streaming etc.

If you require a specific, secure or maintained connection, please order this via the Fira Store.


Kuehne & Nagel have been appointed as the official contractor for lifting, handling and storage at AEF

The advantage of having the show official contractors is that they will be onsite during the buildup, and breakdown periods of the show and are easily accessible. They are also able to receive goods on your behalf and will only deliver them once there is someone on your stands.

If a delivery needs to be offloaded with a forklift or if manual assistant is needed, please contact Kuehne & Nagel via the Official Contractors page. 


Exhibitors and Contractors must have test certificates for any materials which they intend to use in the construction of OR display on a stand.

As a guide, plastic flowers (except fire retardant silk flowers), flammable paints and fabric backdrops (unless treated) tend NOT to be permitted.

If you have any doubts, please refer to the materials section of the eGuide


Anyone wishing to play recorded music publicly will need to ensure that they have appropriate licenses. 

Please contact SGAE (Official agency for property rights):

The contact for Catalonia Area:

Passeig de Colom, 6. 08002 Barcelona
Tel: +34 932 689 000 – 3




The Operations Team will be able to assist with any operational questions you may have as you prepare for the show.

You can contact them via  

Onsite the team will be based in the Organiser’s Office located in the Press Area (Sala de Premsa)


Please read the below information that will ensure you are adhering to the rules & regulations.

Code of practice:

Please ensure that your stand is staffed at all times during the show-open period and that all exhibits remain displayed during the show-open hours.

In order that no discourtesy is shown to last minute visitors to the show, we ask that no dismantling of any displays or exhibits commence before the show closes or until all visitors have left the building on Friday 28th June

Furthermore, for security reasons we would urge exhibitors to ensure that their stand is manned at all times during build-up and break-down. At every exhibition there is a risk of theft, and whilst we will take all responsible precautions to reduce this risk, you can also help to minimise these risks to both yourself and others by remaining vigilant and not leaving any items unattended.

Products of companies not exhibiting at the show cannot be used on stands for display purposes without written permission of the Organiser.

Distribution of promotional material:
All business including the dispensing of literature and promotional material must be conducted from your stand. You are forbidden to hand out leaflets in or around the Venue. No material must be attached to the structure of the building.

The gangways within the exhibition are the minimum permissible by law and have been subject to approval by the Local Authority. Under no circumstances can any part of your stand, furniture or exhibits project beyond the boundary of your stand.

All gangways must remain unobstructed and accessible at all times. Any exhibitor who has too much stock to fit on to their stand should refer to the exhibition ‘lifting and handling order form’ or contact the official freight contractor to arrange storage.

If you or any of your staff are seen to be in breach of any of the show rules we as Organisers have the right to issue warnings or even remove you from the event.


All waste will need to be removed from site by yourself or your contractor, or you’ll need to make arrangements with the venue cleaners to remove it.

All of your own waste must be removed from your stand before you leave the site.

Any items let behind intentionally OR unintentionally will be treated as waste and disposed of at the end of the tenancy – the cost for removal will be passed on to the exhibitor.