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aef 2024 Barcelona


Aksa Power Generation manufactures gasoline, diesel, natural gas and marine generating sets range between 1 kVA to 3125 kVA as well as lighting towers and generator hardware with 3 manufacturing facilities in Istanbul (Turkey 20.000 m² of indoor space), Changzhou (China 120.000 m² of indoor space) and Louisiana (U.S.A., 10.000 m² of indoor space); and a trade center in Rotterdam-Dordrecht (The Netherlands 2000 m² of indoor space) has become a leader and pioneer within the sector. Aksa Power Generation aims to rank among the top three global manufacturers by 2025.

Aksa Power Generation exports to 173 countries 70% of its products and is among the top five global firms of the sector with 19 offices and 4 representative located in Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Being one of the first manufacturers of natural gas generator sets of the world, Aksa Generator withholds an undisputed supremacy with respect to synchronized sets. Aksa Generators increases its investments continuously in technology to remain the pioneer of change by the manufacturing of more soundproof, environment-friendly generators with lower fuel consumption.

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