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BPL Global

BPL Global is the world's leading insurance broker specialising in credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) for multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions. Our greatest strength is the expertise and experience of our people, all of whom are committed to putting our clients' needs first.
We work closely with clients to structure insurance programmes for those engaged in international trade, investment and lending. With the largest broking team in the CPRI market and an annual premium volume of approximately USD 470 million in 2021, we are the leading broker in credit and political risk insurance (CPRI).
We are proud to be employee-owned which provides continuity for our teams and our clients, allowing us to build long-term relationships.
Our company was founded in 1983 when the CPRI market was in its infancy. Over the past 38+ years, we have developed in-depth knowledge and expertise of our market and product, enabling us to provide high quality advice and tailored solutions for our clients. Our market experience has been reinforced by the settlement of over 540 CPRI claims, collecting more than USD 3.1 billion so far for our clients. We believe we are the broker of choice not just for our clients, but that insurers also value the professionalism and breadth of experience we bring to each transaction.
As an insurance broker, we act exclusively for our clients as their agent. We do not act for insurers. We allow our clients to fix our remuneration, which is typically standard brokerage. We take no additional payments or commissions from insurers for the services we provide to them while acting for policyholders.
Our global network ensures we can provide services for our clients worldwide from our offices in London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Geneva.
Our core values
We have unrivalled expertise in credit and political risk insurance.
With over 38 years' experience, we are widely regarded by our clients and peers as the CPRI market's leading insurance broker and have consistently won numerous industry awards. Since our establishment, we have settled over 540 CPRI claims worth in excess of USD 3.1 billion.
We act exclusively for policyholders, not insurers.
Our aim is to ensure that our clients – the policyholders – obtain the best terms, pricing and service from insurers. We put our clients' interests ahead of all other considerations and do not have obligations to insurers or any other parties in conflict with that role.
We are independent.
We value our financial and operational independence very highly, and are owned exclusively by our employees. We are committed to maintaining that independence which brings continuity to our business.
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