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ESB International

ESB International is an international energy engineering consultancy owned by the Irish state electricity company ESB, a fully integrated power utility established in 1927. 

Since 1927, the Electricity Supply Board of Ireland (ESB) has brought the transformative power of electricity to the cities, towns, villages, and remote corners of Ireland. This revolutionary transformation has underpinned the country's economic and social change from a largely underdeveloped rural nation to one of the world's most successful global economies.


In 1975, ESB International was formed to bring that expertise, skill, and leadership to clients worldwide.

As a utility-based consultant, we have developed, maintained, and operated resilient energy infrastructure internationally for five decades and in Ireland for a century – a testament to our long-standing commitment and expertise. 

Drawing on our unique experience, we collaborate with our clients to navigate technological and environmental challenges to deliver robust electricity infrastructure. As the world embraces low-carbon solutions, we have the expertise to guide our clients on that journey, and we are driven to make a difference. 


To date, we have completed projects in over 120 countries worldwide and specialise in:

  • Utility Management & Transformation 
  • Electricity Sector Strategic Consultancy & Energy Transition 
  • Emerging Technology Insights & Advisory Services, including Smart Energy Networks
  • Transmission & Distribution Engineering, Supervisory & Advisory services up to 400kV
  • Generation O&M, Asset Management, Owners Engineer & Advisory Services for Thermal & Renewable Assets 


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