“HIMOINSA is a global corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment worldwide. The company adds incomparable application and engineering know-how, excellent design and service capabilities, delivering value beyond the equipment it produces.
HIMOINSA offers diesel and gas generator sets, control panels and paralleling systems for standby emergency power, prime power, peak power and distributed power. It also develops gensets to be incorporated in hybrid generation plants which guarantee that the system is reliable: it ensures that the energy is always available. The HIMOINSA generators integrated in the Microgrids offers a significant OPEX reduce cost. Perfect for places not connected to the grid, with a demand up to 5MW, with high level of exposure to sunlight or wind. HIMOINSA also undertakes Power Plant projects such as power plant in Africa; 20 MW of continuous power and also capacity market of 20 MW to cover surges in power demand in England.”