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aef 2023 Kenya - zebrAS in national park with wind turbines

10 Jul 2023

The Africa Energy Yearbook 2023

The Africa Energy Yearbook 2023

Welcome to the 2023 edition of the Africa Energy Yearbook, produced in partnership with African Business Magazine and the 25th annual Africa Energy Forum, held in Nairobi.

As a report from McKinsey Reimagining economic growth in Africa says, Africa has the human capital and natural resources to accelerate productivity and reimagine its economic growth, which is, more than ever, vital for the welfare of the world.

Partnership and collaboration is key. In this Yearbook, we hear from some of the sector’s most influential personalities – government ministers, CEOs and investors –  on what more needs to be done to ensure that Africa can become a powerhouse of global energy.

We look at why Africa's rising energy sector will be essential to the success of the continent's emerging industries, including a critical minerals sector crucial to the world's green energy transition. In the vital year of Cop28, we examine whether Africa's energy vision is compatible with its ambitious climate goals.  And we take a deep-dive into Kenya's energy future, looking at how the country is using Icelandic expertise to further improve its world-leading geothermal industry.

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