The Innovation Theatre


The aef Innovation Theatre, sponsored by ABB, returns in 2019 to take a closer look at the battery storage sector. With technology moving so fast, when is the right time to introduce storage based solutions? And what foundations can developers and utilities lay in preparation for the ‘storage boom’? 

A separate stream to the main agenda, you can find the Innovation Theatre in the main exhibition hall with panels running throughout Wednesday and Thursday. Expect compelling case studies, dynamic speakers and a game-changing product showcase of innovative storage-based technologies by some of the world’s leading companies. Not to be missed!


Topics for discussion

  • Enabling Energy Storage in the Context of Growing Economies – preparing for the ‘storage boom’
  • Tech Talks: Evolution of Energy Storage – Global Perspective
  • Scene Setting Presentation: Financing Storage Solutions & Grid Stability
  • Roundtable: Micro-Clusters for Off the Grid Energy Development
  • Tech Talks: Stable Energy for Economic Development – Storage Projects for Health and Education
  • Scene Setting Presentation: Product Showcase of Innovative Storage Based Technologies by some of the world’s leading companies
  • Storage Technology: Investing in Human Capital for a Sustainable Industry
  • Capacity Building: ESEI Student Workshops