Alfred Liboko Bin Gele

Director of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, Democratic Republic of Congo


<p>Engineer Liboko bin Gele Alfred is the Director of Renewable Energies at the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His academic and academic backgrounds are characterized by both technical training and earth sciences. He attended the Higher Institute of Applied Technology in Kinshasa, where he graduated with a degree in Applied Electronics. He has also completed several professional courses in applied techniques, leadership and human resources management from various institutions, while working in various private sector areas. He has also participated in several regional works in the Renewable Energy and Electricity sectors.</p> <p>His experience of more than 17 years of work in the public sector has allowed him to move up the organic ladder from the officer to the command cadre. Now he’s filling the post of National Director of Renewable Energy. In his free time, he follows information in general, likes to read, participate sports and musical activities, and supervise young people. Married and father of four children including a daughter and three boys.</p>
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