H.E. Honourable Dr. Slim Feriani

Minister of Industry & SMEs, Ministry of Industry & SMEs, Tunisia


<p>Dr. Slim Feriani was appointed Minister of Industry and SMEs in November 2017. He was previously Secretary of State at the Ministry of Industry and SMEs. The ministry is in charge of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries.<br /> Dr. Feriani has 20 years' experience in global financial markets across all asset classes and sectors. He held senior positions, including those of Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, in a number of financial firms in the United Kingdom such as Nomura International, Martin Currie Investment Management, Advance Emerging Capital and GCA Asset Management. Dr. Feriani holds an MBA (1989) and a PhD (1995) in Finance, Investment and International Finance from The George Washington University, where he taught Finance and International Finance courses and sat on the Board of Directors of its Business School. He is also a Finance graduate from the Higher Institute of Management (ISG – Institut Superieur de Gestion) in Tunis. Dr. Feriani is fluent in English, French and Arabic.</p>
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