Idris Mohammad

Special Adviser to the Honourable Minister Of Power On Mambila Hydro Electric Power Project, Ministry of Power, Nigeria


Currently Idris is a special adviser to the Honourable Minister of Power on the 3050 Megawatts Mambila Hydro electric power project. MHEPP - Mambila Hydro electric power project is a New power project that will be under construction this year 2020. 

Previously he has been an international power infra structure consultant. He was also immediate past Managing Director and CEO of Kaduna electric. A founding member of association of regulatory professionals of World Bank institute, University of Florida, USA, Mr Mohammad is a recipient and on honors list of Energynet at AEF 20th Anniversary in Mauritius 2018. 

He has been an advisor to Nigeria's Senate committee on power. Lastly Dell'Amore Consultants are engaged to Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC as investment advisors.
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