John Lewis

Managing Director, Africa, Aggreko


John Lewis is the Managing Director of Aggreko Africa. Aggreko is the world-leading provider of temporary and medium-term power solutions and has a long-established history providing power solutions across the African continent. He joined Aggreko in 2018 and is leading the transformation of the African business, both in terms of its solutions to the market, but also focusing on developing African talent so that, internally, Aggreko reflects more of the markets it serves. John has extensive global experience in running business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) infrastructure and service organisations. His career spans infrastructure business across the globe, from telecoms to power, and from Europe to Australia including organizations such as Cable & Wireless, Macquarie bank, MTN and now Aggreko. John is passionate about optimising growth and investment in the digitised economy. Through the company’s end-to-end solution portfolio, Aggreko reconnects the fundamentals.
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