Madina Mukhanova

Market Manager, Fluence – A Siemens and AES Company


Madina oversees the origination, development and coordination of energy storage sales and project proposals for clients across Middle East and Africa at Fluence Energy. She is a founding member of Fluence, the leading global energy storage technology and services company with over 750 MW of operational or contracted energy storage in 17 countries. Prior to this Madina worked in various positions within the AES Corporation, including as a Quality Specialist of the Project Management Department. Madina also expanded the AES Performance Excellence Program in Kazakhstan, training more than 200 people in continuous improvement tools and developing and monitoring 40 projects covering different aspects of power plant operation, including maintenance and services, supply chain, accounting and human resources that resulted in significant cost reductions. She joined AES Energy Storage as a Market Analyst, helping maintain AES’s market leadership position on the Navigant Research energy storage integrator leaderboard prior to its merger with Siemens Energy Storage division to form Fluence. Madina aspires to advance the adoption of more efficient and sustainable energy solutions globally. Madina holds a MEng in Technical Physics from Siberian Federal University, and a MEng in Energy and Environmental Management degree from Flensburg University in Germany. She speaks fluent Kazakh, Russian, English and German and currently lives in Amsterdam.
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