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Bresson AS Nigeria


Bresson A.S Nigeria LTD is a Power Generation company headquartered in Abuja, principally engaged in acquiring, developing, owning, and operating independent power generating facilities (IPGFs / IPPs).

The company was founded in April 2005 and has been led ever since by its Founder and Executive Chairman Gbenga Toyosi Olawepo-Hashim, who holds a master's degree in Global Affairs from the University of Buckingham and has extensive experience in the oil, gas, and power sectors. Bresson Energy is investing over $31 million in developing the 30MW Magboro embedded power plant and distribution scheme in Ogun State, with key advantages being proximity to gas pipeline and transmission infrastructure, and is configured on two GE LM6000 turbines, scheduled to begin production in 2025. The company is already developing the 350MW Magboro Phase II plant at the same site that should be completed in 2027.

As a pioneer independent power developer, Bresson is a fully integrated power company with its own gas-to-power solutions from sister companies, also developing hybrid power solutions combining solar, biogas, Hydrogen and other renewables. Its subsidiary Bresson Flexible Power Nigeria Limited delivers fast-track power solutions for captive markets and the grid. Bresson aims to be Nigeria's best indigenous independent power producer in terms of assets, efficiency, and profitability, as well as a world-class integrated energy company delivering environmentally friendly solutions.