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CET Power


CET Power Projects Ltd (CET Power) is an indigenous African Company, with a foremost position in the captive/embedded power space. We provide reliable power solutions to institutions either for the short-term (EPP) or long-term (IPP), on an outsourced basis. Our Power Plants are very professionally managed/operated, which enables CET Power to supply optimally, round the clock. Since we also own these power stations, we relieve clients of significant capital investments in assets that are non-core to their business.

We are able to deploy power plants rapidly due to our strategically sited equipment yards. Our current generation capacity is more than 250MW, with a further pipeline of orders for further capacities in excess of 150MW. Our vision is to significantly improve the continent’s electricity & energy bandwidth, and in this regard we have served and still serve critical sectors of the private and public sectors within the African region. Our most recent deployment is a 40MW (installed capacity) Project to support the national utility at the Republic of Chad, while we remain engaged at various levels of negotiation with further prospects across the Region’s frontiers.

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