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Deloitte’s global network is the largest provider of energy advisory services in the world. We are recognized leaders in traditional and renewable energy generation, regulated utility advisory services, energy trading and market development, and industrial and residential energy efficiency. With over 100 years of Africa experience, we provide strategy, policy, and implementation consulting services to government and commercial clients to address the continent’s energy, Just Transition, and climate change challenges.

Deloitte is a trusted implementing partner to Power Africa, leading USAID’s  Southern Africa Energy Program, Power Africa Nigeria Power Sector Program, and the West Africa Energy Program. The energy transition is creating opportunities for all Africans, and we are accelerating this trend by working with clients and counterparts to develop innovative private, multilateral, and government structures to address the growing need for new technologies, new capital and alternative sources of investment.

Deloitte’s team of more than 1000 energy and development experts is skilled at aligning the power and resources of the private sector with the mission of our public sector clients to produce results – as shown by our work with USAID, which has mobilized over $15 billion dollars in commercially-funded energy investments and transactions in the last ten years.

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