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Tecloman Energy GmbH is a global purveyor of comprehensive energy storage solutions. We're an all-round industry chain supplier, merging research, manufacturing, sales, and customer service into a seamless workflow. Our three-decade journey in the power industry has furnished us with extensive expertise in crafting power system products and fulfilling large-scale orders.

We're dedicated to blending BESS with diverse application scenarios. Our constant innovation and optimization drive us to deliver premier BESS solutions across multiple sectors. Our forefront solutions in the nation encompass residential photovoltaic storage, next-gen IDC power solutions, solutions for mining and oil system, mobile BESS car solutions, distribution substation management solutions, and DC microgrid solutions.

Our business scope covers all major countries and regions around the world, and we have landed projects not only for household use, but also for farms, mines and other industrial and commercial scenarios. At a time when energy issues are becoming increasingly acute, we provide customers with a more stable and secure energy supply.

TECLOMAN excels in integrated technology solutions, boasting high-level protection certified by authoritative bodies. Expertise extends to high-altitude and extreme cold protection, guaranteeing optimal performance in any environment. Precise temperature control technology further enhances battery efficiency. Certified by the JTU Rail Certification Center (JRCC), EPC delivery capability is unmatched.

Backed by superior professional qualifications, including Grade 1 contracting for power transmission and transformation engineering, installation, and repair/testing services, comprehensive solutions are offered for all power needs. Highlighted by benchmark projects like the Dublin UK: 60MWh Liquid-Cooled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Project, the commitment to excellence is evident in every endeavor.